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Radiation Oncology... A Medical Specialty That Needs YOUR Help!


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Attention readers...
... There are two issues that affect the future of quality radiation oncology...
... And YOU can help!

Issue One
    Sixty percent of all cancer patients will need radiation therapy at some time during their illness.  New developments in cancer treatment require research, which is expensive.  The National Cancer Institute (A division of the National Institute of Health) is spending only 2% of available cancer research funds on radiation oncology!  ROOJ is requesting the assistance of the public and health care professionals to work toward increasing the level of funding for the vital specialty of radiation oncology.  One out of four people will have cancer during their lifetime, thus the life you help save may be your own!
YOU can make a difference!
Contact the following today (the links below are E-Mail or click link to: E-Mail links to all Senators):

NIH Office of Communications

WRITE TO THE PRESIDENT   "Yeah, I know, but write anyway!"

Issue Two
    The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) initially proposed dramatic cuts for Medicare reimbursement for radiation oncology (24% cuts in technical reimbursement!!!).  This action could have  forced the closing of large numbers of radiation oncology centers (probably one out of three or more free standing radiation oncology programs), and leave rural areas undeserved.  The final reimbursement rules are published (Federal Register, November 3, 1998). HCFA retreated from the proposed dramatic cuts, but are still reducing overall reimbursement slightly.   ROOJ supports the availability of quality radiation oncology services for everyone with reasonable and stable reimbursement for physicians and health care facilities.  We need your help!
    YOU can make a difference!
Contact the following today (the links below are E-Mail or addresses if no E-Mail contact available, or click link to: E-Mail links to all Senators):

Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)
    7500 Security Boulevard
    Baltimore, Maryland 21244
    Phone 410/786-3000


WRITE TO THE PRESIDENT   "Yeah, I know, but write anyway!"


The U.S. Legislative Branch
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The U. S. Legislative Branch
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AL R Richard Shelby senator@shelby.senate.gov
AR D Dale Bumpers senator@bumpers.senate.gov
AZ R Jon Kyl info@kyl.senate.gov
AZ R John McCain Senator_McCain@mccain.senate.gov
CA D Barbara Boxer senator@boxer.senate.gov
CA D Dianne Feinstein senator@feinstein.senate.gov
CT D Christopher Dodd sen_dodd@dodd.senate.gov
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DE D Joe Biden joe_biden@biden.senate.gov
FL D Bob Graham bob_graham@graham.senate.gov</<>
FL R Connie Mack chairman_mack@jec.senate.gov</<>
FL R Connie Mack connie@mack.senate.gov</<>
GA R Paul Coverdell senator_coverdell@coverdell.senate.gov
HI D Daniel Inouye senator@inouye.senate.gov</<>
IA D Tom Harkin tom_harkin@harkin.senate.gov
IA R Charles Grassley chuck_grassley@grassley.senate.gov
ID R Larry Craig larry_craig@craig.senate.gov
ID R Dirk Kempthorne dirk_kempthorne@kempthorne.senate.gov
IL D Carol Moseley-Braun senator@moseley-braun.senate.gov
IN R Richard Lugar lugar@iquest.net
KY D Wendell Ford wendell_ford@ford.senate.gov
KY R Mitch McConnell senator@mcconnell.senate.gov
LA D John Breaux senator@breaux.senate.gov
LA D Mary Landrieu mary96@worldnet.att.net
MA D Ted Kennedy senator@kennedy.senate.gov
MA D John Kerry john_kerry@kerry.senate.gov
MD D Barbara Mikulski senator@mikulski.senate.gov
MD D Paul Sarbanes senator@sarbanes.senate.gov
ME R Susan Collins collins96@midcoast.com
ME R Olympia Snowe Olympia@snowe.senate.gov
MI D Carl Levin senator@levin.senate.gov
MI D Spencer Abraham michigan@abraham.senate.gov
MN R Rod Grams mail_grams@grams.senate.gov
MN D Paul Wellstone senator@wellstone.senate.gov
MO R John Ashcroft john_ashcroft@ashcroft.senate.gov
MO R Christopher Bond kit_bond@bond.senate.gov
MS R Thad Cochran senator@cochran.senate.gov
MT D Max Baucus max@baucus.senate.gov
MT R Conrad Burns conrad_burns@burns.senate.gov
ND D Byron Dorgan senator@dorgan.senate.gov
NE R Chuck Hagel email@hagel96.com
NE D Bob Kerrey bob@kerrey.senate.gov
NH R Judd Gregg mailbox@gregg.senate.gov
NJ D Frank Lautenberg frank_lautenberg@lautenberg.senate.gov
NJ D Robert Torricelli torricel@torricelli.com
NM D Jeff Bingaman Senator_Bingaman@bingaman.senate.gov
NM R Pete Domenici senator_domenici@domenici.senate.gov
NV D Richard Bryan senator@bryan.senate.gov
NV D Harry Reid senator_reid@reid.senate.gov
NY R Alfonse D'Amato senator_al@damato.senate.gov
NY D Daniel Moynihan senator@dpm.senate.gov
OH R Michael Dewine senator_dewine@dewine.senate.gov
OH D John Glenn senator_glenn@glenn.senate.gov
OK R Don Nickles nickles@rpc.senate.gov
OR D Ron Wyden senator@wyden.senate.gov
PA R Rick Santorum senator@santorum.senate.gov
PA R Arlen Specter senator_specter@specter.senate.gov
RI R John Chafee senator_chafee@chafee.senate.gov
RI D Jack Reed reed@collegehill.com
SC R Strom Thurman senator@hollings.senate.gov
SC D Ernest Hollings senator@hollings.senate.gov
SD D Thomas Daschle tom_daschle@daschle.senate.gov
SD D Tim Johnson tim@win.dakota.net
TN R Fred Thompson senator_thompson@thompson.senate.gov
TN R Bill Frist senator_frist@frist.senate.gov
TX R Kay Hutchison senator@hutchison.senate.gov
UT R Robert Bennett senator@bennett.senate.gov
UT R Orrin Hatch senator_hatch@hatch.senate.gov
VA D Charles Robb senator_robb@robb.senate.gov
VA D Charles Robb vascr@CapAccess.org
VA R John Warner senator@warner.senate.gov
VT D Patrick Leahy senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov
VT R Jim Jeffords vermont@jeffords.senate.gov
WA R Slade Gorton Senator_Gorton@gorton.senate.gov
WA D Patty Murray senator_murray@murray.senate.gov
WI D Russell Feingold russell_feingold@feingold.senate.gov
WI D Herbert Kohl senator_kohl@kohl.senate.gov
WV D Robert Byrd senator_byrd@byrd.senate.gov
WV D Jay Rockefeller senator@rockefeller.senate.gov
WY R Thomas Craig craig@thomas.senate.gov

... and THANKS from ROOJ for helping radiation oncology to remain a vital cancer treatment specialty!

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