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ROOJ Chat Introduction

ROOJ has a long range plan to schedule weekly chat meetings.  Scheduled chat times will be posted here and at the top of the ROOJ Home Page.  The chat room should be accessible to all browsers.  Stay tuned and ROOJ looks forward to chatting with YOU soon!

When chat is scheduled, it will be at: Radiation Therapy Chat (note the chat room at this site is not currently active), with the chat room courtesy of Delphi.  In using this chat service, click the gray "Chat" button to the right of the "Radiation Therapy" box.  If you are unable to enter the room, look above and to the right of the "Chat" button where you will see "Preferences".  Click this link, and chose "HTML Chat" which should work with nearly all browsers.  If your browser is Java-enabled, you will want to chose the "Java Chat" option.

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