Decadron Taper

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Decadron (also known as dexamethasone, its generic name) requires a gradual taper to discontinue its use. It is important not to stop taking Decadron suddenly. The following is a schedule to taper Decadron. As there are many changes in daily dosage, it would be advisable to write out the daily dosages on a calendar. For 2 mg dosages, 4 mg pills may be cut in half with a sharp knife, if needed.

4 mg   3 times a day    for  4 days

4 mg   2 times a day    for  4 days

2 mg   3 times a day    for  4 days

2 mg   2 times a day    for  4 days

2 mg   1 time a day       for  4 days

2 mg every other day  for  8 days

Then stop taking Decadron

Additional comments:

  1. Continue antacid medication while taking Decadron.
  2. Take Decadron with meals.
  3. Report any increasing headaches, abdominal pain, insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or worsening neurologic symptoms while taking Decadron.
  4. Report any significant new abdominal pain or stools that become dark or tarry while taking Decadron.
  5. Report any fevers promptly (temperature orally above 100.5).
  6. If you are diabetic, special precautions may be necessary to monitor or control your blood sugar.